Sarabraj's intense spiritual journey started about 15 years ago when she had a spontaneous consciousness leap into the endless potential. Following the energy transition of the dying family members made her transfer  unimaginable deep. Before National champion in beachvolleyball, Member of the national volleyball team, Marketing Communication Manager in the second biggest media house in the country, President of the national project "Gazela", well respected award for fast growing companies, and enthusiastic health journalist left her well developing carreer and devoted her self to work as she explanes it with a lot of humor like a "freelance priestess".

" My love and attachments for the beloved ones was so strong that my awareness choose to discover the realities beyond the Vulnerability of staying in the limited reality. It was a journey that started with my brother when for the first time i managed to tap into the astral reality and start sensing energetic dynamics after death. When life decided to give me another chance for expansion with my mother the experience was so painful that i lost into the vortex of vulnerability my whole control. It was in that moment of full disintegration of my ego that the higher self-spirit could reach out for me. The moment she was passing away my awareness spread in one second into Oneness.

My reality stopped and all become Present. I started to see the colours more alive, the sounds become profound and the diversity of it make my life even today an ongoing adventure, the senses sharpened, visions become very clear, sensing collective and individual vibrations very distinct, dreaming lucid and very communicative and above all i start seeing into matter, into thoughts and beyond the limited mind. Life become very interesting and i had to let go of my comfort zone completely. Traveling into the light was peaceful but my body started to feel all the intensity of vibrational change. That is why i was given the Kundalini yoga empowerment and the right teacher in the right time to help my body overcome all the physical side effects of such an exceptional consciousness awakening. The Mind unfolded naturally into the meditative state and let the duality dynamic of positive and negative mind flow without the need to attach, control or force any overcome. The Ego autopilot driven bubble of thoughts exploded into clear vision. From that state of complete surrender to the Present and devotion to Vulnerability in one instant the self based on Grace, Authenticity, Compassion, Knowing and Integrity was remembered again.”

It is all about bringing back to awareness who or better what we really are. It is the courage to let go the known and the willingness to embrace the new. It is the dignity to give ourselves the opportunity of creating what we were predestined. It is our birth right to BE, fully the flow of Life which streams trough us and the one we co-create. This devotion it is called LOVE and is the zero point waiting for the duality play of the positive and negative to stop. Is our inner Gift of perfection, given to everyone. My role in this stupendous matrix is to help you remember.”
Sarabraj today focuses her acting as a writer, host on different media, Heart&Soul Healer, Awareness/Mindfulness Coach and yoga teacher.

She is very interested into the intimate connection between the body, mind and spirit and continues her research into this field of expertise. 

I have been blessed to live as Sarabraj Kaur, the Princess/Lioness of God living the totality of self, inspiring others to live in God's divine flow.

Sarab means totality, complete, all, everyone and all-pervading.  Raj means establishes the rule or divine flow of God.  Kaur is a name that all women receive - the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life.  Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman has the potential to attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it.

Serve everyone to experience the vastness of their souls.

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