TREAT yourself to a UNIQUE sound experience


A brand NEW project from the author of the bestselling book VULNERABLE, My journey to oneness on the Camino de Santiago that in an intimate communication with the present created this incredible vocal transmission of subtle divine frequencies, inviting the listener to surrender beyond the mind and directly into the arms of God.

○ A direct connection with the Spirit.

○ The divine mother's sound frequency that touches the inner child, calms the body and mind and expands consciousness.

○ Genuine contact with the highest frequencies leading to undiscovered worlds that the mind has not yet perceived but the heart has always known.

○ The process of sound healing removes self-limiting beliefs and builds a new, boundless awareness of our multidimensional connection with all of Creation.

○ Sarabraj's present consciousness is transformed into the sacred sound, which triggers mystical revelations that celebrate the wondrous sanctity of life.