Listeners' Experiences

"Meeting the voice of Sarabraj is a miracle for me in all its forms: as the healing language of the Cosmic Mother, as a radiant biblical glance at the meeting, as a conversation full of charmingly cheerful diminutives, in living, everyday communication and as a stunning written explanation of the cosmic language, which despite the linear sequence of words embeds the cosmic laws of creation into the reader's consciousness. 'It is about mirroring the healing vibrational quality of the harmonic field of omnipresence,' the Spirit says to the Master. Everything suddenly becomes clear and leads even deeper into the Mystery. Six sequences of audio material called “Spirit Breath”. The art of healing sound frees me from the feeling of being limited by my body. From the first sound I felt that I moved high into unknown new spaces, and the insignificant dot of my body was only a springboard from which I could fly between universes, received into the arms of the Mother of God. Acceptance comforts me, embraces me, heals me, and revives me. But when in the first sequence I hear the melody of the Bela Krajina folk song Pastirče mlado in milo in miraculously healing sounds, I also realise the mission of the Slovenian language, the wisdom of our Slovenian ancestors, the happiness that Sarabraj is rooted in the sacred world of Slovenia, and the responsibility that this joy imposes on us personally and as a community. I am grateful!” – Nada, Slovenia

"Beautiful sounds that show me the world as I don't know it yet. As if challenging the consciousness that was given to me to open up completely. I wonder how much of this I still don't see, perceive and understand, which fills me with incredible excitement." – Marko, Slovenia

“Sounds that challenge my mind. I didn't expect something so vibrationally unusual. I oscillated between tears of release and love, between amazement and fear. It's as if someone managed to show with sound the world of God, which my ego is so afraid of, but at the same time yearns for inexhaustibly. Why am I internalising all this fear of love?" – Petra, Slovenia

"A creation that the word of the mind will not grasp for a long time. One of the few authentic creative souls that I already recognised from her book. Sarabraj is a rare gem that cannot be captured in any note, word or description. Or even her work. The genie that escaped the bottle and amazes us again and again. Grace.” – Marion, the Netherlands

“Visible. Challenged. Heard. Challenged. Loved.” John, the Netherlands