The first sound healing

The journey to the world of the Spirit is expressed this time by the author of the bestselling book Vulnerable in previously unrealised sounds, when the spiritual quality of being tries to show the world beyond the mental structure of words. Spirit-inspired sounds carry the healing power of love from the field of Presence. It is a mirroring of the healing vibrational quality of the harmonic field of omnipresence. Sounds are sometimes closer to the vibrational frequency of the mind, sometimes further away. It is as if the Spirit is slowly preparing us for the entire journey that is yet to come. It is necessary to slowly prepare for it in calm and sacredness. Hence there are six different sequences. The first four expand, open and prepare the listener for the inspiration of the Spirit in the fifth sound healing, with the whole experience finally get smoothed and rounded out in the last sequence.

Second sound healing

The initial gentle motherly rocking to soothe the listener opens us to sensuality and gradually develops into a deep energetic peeling. The caressing of the defence mechanisms offers the listener the opportunity to trust and open up, and as a result, with the power of sound, frees the Soul from stagnation all the way to the mighty Presence. Halfway through the journey, the sound emerges from its mental struggles and finally frees itself from the grip of spasms. Such an action is necessary at this point, because quite a few patterns are often held in our throats, which do not allow us to fully express ourselves. The Spirit then shows us the world of sound that comes from being freed from this force. This then runs over the breath and drenches it in the endless power of the open vocals. At times the vocals still struggle with the courage to accept their full power, but then the soft sounds of the cosmic mother calm them down, caress them and allow them to enter the higher sounds of "tija". It finally opens up there. From this point, "na hey, na hey" points to the established sacred feminine principle, which functions firmly anchored in the here and now, embodied, but at the same time flowing into cosmic reality. A dance of sounds between the otherworldly Spirit-filled mind simultaneously spilling into the eternal dimensions of the Beyond. This ends with incarnate intimate contact with God, which the creator unconditionally shares with listeners.

Third sound healing

The third journey begins with powerful cosmic sounds that illustrate the Infinite Potential of Creation. When the New is born from sound, when life is hosted in deep tones from the Infinite Nothing. This travels across different sonic shades and forms. It grows and thickens. To a sound that illustrates for a moment the cry of a child as a symbol of new birth. The pitch of the tones at this point reminds us of the sacredness when the singular begins to be born from the duality in the mother, of the miracle of the creation of every thought and feeling that we share in this dimension. The sound then descends into physicality. It dances to the rhythms of the harmony of the alchemy of the plural. The chant "tat ta ta ta" then points to the moment when the sound turns into a heartbeat. It unfolds in an instant, beats in its own rhythm, but in a certain moment it also tightens slightly. The vibration confronts the otherworldly image of the world and is momentarily stunned by the duality it is born into. But a fully beating heart has infinite treasures and therefore soon realises its power and continues with a potent being that reminds the listener of what an incredible vibrational field our heart is, and invites all to remember it. The heart then plays exuberantly. Healing sounds "hu" enter the field, aimed at greater fluidity and openness. The audio lullaby that follows represents the cosmic gentle hand and the holiness of the values of grace, mercy, power, and love, to caress the invisible, wounded, closed, scared parts of our mind and those that feel like they don't belong. This lullaby is sung to the greatness born from the experiences of all our ancestors, all the knowledge and wisdom that we carry in our memories, which heals and frees them with the help of the sound and openness of the Spirit. The openness, multi-facetedness and vibrational richness of the sounds then gives to the listener an imprint of the power that can be realised when freed from the past as a fully pulsating spiritual being alive in the moment. What a joy.

Fourth sound treatment

At this point we are ready to journey into the mysterious worlds of the multidimensionality of our existence. Set in unity, in constant growth and remembrance of our true nature.

The fifth sound treatment

In the Bible, the story of Creation explains that God created man from the dust of the ground, then blew the breath of life into his nostrils. Hence the equating of the Spirit with the breath of God. The Spirit is often depicted as wind, fire or light and enables us to hear God's word. He teaches us to pray from the heart, strengthens our faith, comforts and guides us through the trials of life. At the same time, God gives free will. Take a deep breath and feel the holiness of the Spirit enter your body. Remember your infinity. Allow yourself tears when you realise what your true nature is, dear Soul. Breathe in the light that creates you in the moment. Embrace the courage to embody your strength. The power of infinite love that transcends the edges of the ego.

Sixth sound treatment

"Calm down. I caress you with velvet sounds in the cells, in the heart, in the breath in and out. Gentle as an angel's feather, subtle as the wind, firm as a deeply loving heart. Let there be love." – Sarabraj