The inspiration for creating this healing sound journey was born at the passing of my beloved father. I have already written about the special nature of experiencing such a deep Presence and merging with God in my book Vulnerable, but the boundless sacredness I felt there continues to inspire me daily in my commitment to exploring the depths of the Spirit and creating a more authentic world from that humble, sacred space.

The healing sound came out of me spontaneously(like everything I do today) as a loving response from the Spirit to ease my father's fear of dying. I wanted to show him the loving and vast world of Eternity, to which his Soul was returning. After his departure, the Spirit was silent for some years, but then it spontaneously started calling me again.
I begin to incorporate these healing sounds into my individual treatments and group sessions. At one such meeting, it turned out that the Voice wanted to address a larger group of souls. And synchronicity of the Spirit with the velocity of light organised it all. I found the best possible team of Slovenian artist to support me. In the recording studio, my only task was to completely trust my wonderful team, open my mouth and, for the first time in my life, play sounds on my vibrating body with the intention of recording them. I almost never sing in my daily life, and it was amazing for me to experience this healing sound journey myself. It was very funny to see my husband listening to the final recordings as he was surprised as me. He said to myself:” When you think you know your partner and than this. When did you learn to sing? I mean really? What are you? “bursting into laughter yet with wet eyes being deeply moved. “ It really amazes me and makes me question how many potential do we humans have that stays dormant and trapped into the veils of the limited mind. ”

It gives such a sense of grace to feel this incredible, deep vibration rock me to a world beyond via the Voice of the Mother, resonating from her endlessly safe bosom, in which all the wounds of the children of this world are healed. While listening today, I realised what will still need to be cried out in order for the soul to be healed, and not only mine. A powerful process of Soul embodiment.


The organiser of this amazing project, Nada


Divine thanks goes to the proofreader Nada Šumi, who participated in this vision from which, drawing on the field of Infinite Potential, this unique sound project was realised with incredible speed. In her angelic heart, she felt the uniqueness of the frequencies that Sarabraj embodies with the Spirit, and with the energy of encouragement, she co-created the opportunity for a new birth. What a blessing!

Warm thanks also to the composer, saxophonist and photographer Lado Jakša, who lovingly supported me with his grace and light during my very first live recording and translation of frequencies into sound, and helped me to open my heart to the Voice with ease. During the recording we created a special field, and for an endless moment time and space also expanded into Infinity.

Sincere thanks must go to Miha Stabej, sound designer, composer and instrumentalist, who with his extraordinarily subtle field managed to capture these completely new vibrations and technically transform them into material reality.

I offer heartfelt thanks to the exceptional graphic designer Nika Bradač, who has been translating the invisible into the visible with her loving and creative soul for many years in the shared storms of hearts.

From the bottom of my heart, indescribable thanks to my precious life companion, who unconditionally encourages me on this unique and unusual Path of the Spirit. My love goes to him for all the compassionate conversations and the open field to the Heart he allows.