I would like to thank you from THE whole of my hart. IT was karma that brought you on my Path at THE right moment. Thank you for seeing things more clearly. I hope we meet again somewhere in time. My Most deep love and gratitude

Karine, Belgium

At first i thougt that the Heart&Soul healing was a kind of "hocus pocus" and not real. Not for me. I don't believe in those kinds of things easily. But when i meditated on it, i start thinking about the healing over and over again. I couldn't ignore it and went ahead with it. We started with a conversation and during that conversation it was very clear that i still have some unresolved issues that where holding me back. I was doing yoga, meditation, healthy foods and still i was blocked.

The healing was beautiful and powerfull- I heard every word deeply in my soul and the words where vibrating in the room seting me free. After the healing i was very tired and I went to bed early. I woke up, full of energy but with a clearer view of the World and Who i am. I got a test that day and the oppertunity to choose for myself, twice in one hour! Now it was like a had a choise and I was aweare of it. I'm not affraid of life and I embrace it fully - trusting the universe as well. I am in peace.

Inge, Belgium

I enjoyed the workshop very much! It felt so natural, like I do it every day. The same with the mantras: I love it!

Lydie, Sneek Nederland

"I met Tjasi-Sarabraj while walking the Camino de Santiago. Like most things in life the trip didn't go as I wanted it to, but rather became what I needed. Sarabraj helped me see the gift I had been given; she saw my light when I could not, she acknowledge the power and beauty I held inside away from my own eye."

Tiffanie, Denver, USA

" Between the Heart&Soul Healing that i had with Sarabraj I went into some nice and less nice moments of my life and came out reborn with a big smile on my face, peace in my Heart and energy to discover and achieve My New Dreams."

Mimi, Utrecht, Holland


"You teached me how to love the universe. So for that : I THANK YOU".

Els, Antwerp, Belgium


"I met Sarabraj in summer 2014 when I was walking the 850 km long pilgrimage in Spain called the Camino de Santiago. Every time I pumped into her, I always felt a strong urge to have a discussion with her. But the Camino has its ways, and our encounters were kept very brief. If you ask the Camino a question before you start your walk, you will have an answer by the time you reach the end.

For me, despite of the diversity of beautiful and challenging experiences on the way, I was still lacking the answer when I reached Santiago de Compostela. I was confused and full of mixed emotions. Later in the same evening, I was celebrating the completion of the pilgrimage with the fellow pilgrims. In the middle of the night, I found myself in a deep discussion with Sarabraj. It was through this discussion, I got the answer and clarity as to my path in life. I’m deeply grateful to Sarabraj for being the messenger. For this, and for many other reasons, I was delighted to have Sarabraj as my guest in the studio in Finland this year.

Mikaela, Helsinki, Finland