Heart&Soul Healing

Emotional experiences we have had in our lives shape the way we think, feel and relate to our world. Whether we are aware of it or not, the strong influence of our early learning impacts our adult sense of self more than we understand.

PRESENTATION OF HSH HEALING by one of the founders, Nancy Nester:

Subconscious programs and patterns from the past can be released; negative conditioning can be revealed to allow you to discover the next best action along your own journey. You really can make the changes you want.
Are you overwhelmed by the emotions of life?
How many times have you been hurt for helping others?
Are you tired of your own life story?
How many times have you been hurt for speaking your truth?
What decisions have you made based on these past experiences and are they still affecting you today?
Heart & Soul Healing is a powerful way to discover your own self truth. Its purpose is to assist you by integrating your whole being with your Higher Self.

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Heart & Soul Healing looks for patterns your subconscious mind gives energy to. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that knows everything that has ever happened to you, all your realities and experiences since the time you came from the Creator. If there is a current conflict at the inner personal level, it can be found, understood and released. Protection from outer influences and energies comes with increased awareness and understanding, as well as accepting full responsibility for your own motives, intentions, emotions, desires, thoughts, behaviors and actions.
Often times, no matter how much work we may have done understanding our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues, there seems to be a missing piece which stops our final resolution of these problems. As a result, we create patterns over and over in our life so that we may have yet another chance to gain the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of our lessons. In addition, any fears or emotional residue we may be holding over a particular issue may throw further illusion over the problem, making it almost impossible to see the bigger picture. Heart & Soul Healing addresses ways the inner mind assists us to understand our self-made barriers. Heart & Soul Healing is a unique resource used to help understand events and experiences beyond the physical and assist our growth, as we reestablish connection to our Higher Self.

In a Heart & Soul Healing session, besides understanding the collective consciousness that you have agreed to help balance in this lifetime, we also find pieces of you that are out of time.

We believe that we are all one — that there are 70 trillion cells that represent your body and resonate with every other cell in every other person. Here you are, living in the moment, but do your thoughts dwell on your past? We often think about the past so much that it distorts the present moment, and we are no longer fully present in our bodies now. These pieces of you out of time could be fragments from a past life that have not completely integrated with you. We want to bring everything back into balance with who you are today. And as we do this, you will heal yourself and change your vibration.

Finding pieces that are attached to you is another key part of a Heart & Soul Healing session. The word "attached" sounds alarming, but what if these attachments are just people, or the souls of people, that you have loved in the past. These people are energetically still looped or corded with you today, and they are using your energy even though they might not be in your life in the way they were. Remember, we use others to reflect back to us who we are, and we constantly do this when we interact.
The fourth area we look at in a Heart & Soul Healing session is your past lives or past times where key programs were set. If you have a subconscious program that you are giving energy to that says it¹s not safe to love, or take your power or be who you are, then that program limits your world.
We always ask clients how much energy they are using to keep themselves from being happy and most people say they are using 50-75% of their energy. They have a program that says: If I am happy and have everything I want — everything that I could ever imagine or desire — somebody will take it away from me. The other program that seems to go with this is: I will hurt myself so that nobody else will hurt me.
We cannot get to these past life programs unless we have cleared the primary energy, brought the pieces of you that are out of time back into alignment, and disconnected the way you have looped with others energetically in the past. We also must clear the patterns and energy you are holding in your nervous system and the fluid in your spine and brain. If we do not clear these areas beforehand, the past life programs you have will be distorted by these other energies, and it will take many, many sessions before we get to the heart of the problem.
At the end of the session together, we bring back and integrate that part of you that left around the age of three years old when you said, "I don't want to be here." We believe this child part of your spirit or soul separated from your body and has been witnessing or observing you from outside of yourself all these years. Integrating this child vibration and bringing back into alignment all the different pieces of you that have been out of time and caught up in distortions, Ken calls INscension. Being all one's self allows you to experience the moment in a whole different way and changes your reality and your vibration as you continue, empowered, on your soul path.


Answers to these questions and more are covered in your private Heart & Soul Healing session:
Identify if you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic
Discover your personal color, resonating with your soul essence
Energetically clear your chakras and meridian points
Discover your mission and purpose for being here now
Release energetic patterns you are carrying from past traumas
Identify any part of you out of the moment, or held in past emotions
Learn what patterns you have picked up from your parents
Experience INscension and bring that feeling into your body now
Release karmic attachments and feelings to parents, lovers or others
Connect with your God self in a way you can repeat after your session
Bring in all of the parts of you which have not felt safe to be here until now
Using physical energetics, balance and release all thoughts out of balance with your nervous system or internal organs
Release conflicting subconscious programs that are not healthy: It is not safe to love, be in your power or be who you are
Benefits of a Heart & Soul Healing Session
Clarifies ego distortions
Expands personal empowerment
Creates of new behavior patterns

Positively influents the Pain Body by releasin it's force over us (defined according to Eckart Tolle)
Provides freedom from reoccurring destructive emotions and mental programming
Integrates, through understanding, lessons of past lifetimes

Effectively helps in cases of TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome defined by dr. John Sarno)
Provides the understanding of lessons from all four perspectives: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical
Clarifies the reasons for reoccurring patterns in relationships and present life conditions
Reaffirms that each of us has a divine right to exist and to occupy 100% of our personal, sacred space
Clarifies why we have emphasized particular issues in our present life situations
Provides the experience we are more than just our body
Gives us the opportunity to take our greatest fears and make them our greatest strengths
Shows us a new sense of the spirit being real and that spirit is the basis of all reality
Increases our clarity and an understanding that may change the way we view the death experience
Enhances our self esteem, sense of self worth, and ego strength
Provides an overview of why it is so important to assume responsibility for one's own motives, intentions, emotions, desires, behaviors and actions
Increases personal awareness, understanding and a sense of integrity, as well as an expanded inner spiritual awareness
Connects us with our Higher Self, Source, spiritual guides and teachers
Releases the spirit from regret and ambivalence
Reintegrates fragments and separated parts of the personality
Enhances our understanding of our individual core patterns and soul purpose
Facilitates our cleared mind becoming a reflecting point or mirror for pure 'self' consciousness and the flow of universal harmony in our life, without blockages or obstructions
Rebalances our core patterns to perfect center point, where we can claim 100% of our energy and activate our full potential to fulfill our life's mission and purpose.
How many sessions do I need to heal?
That is totally up to you.  Ken and Nancy feel that everything you need can be accomplished in one session - with that in mind we are prepared for all types of miracles and magic.  
We can facilitate your healing as fast as you can assimilate and process it. You are in control of your own reality, we assist you to view your life patterns in a different way for self-empowerment.
For that reason, Heart & Soul Healing requires a cooperative effort. You are in charge of exactly what occurs during your healing session.

Founder of this exceptional tool Ken Page with his wonderful wife and compassionate facilitator of the HSH healing technique, Nancy A. Nester.

For a one and a half hour session contanct me on: tjasiartnikknibbe@gmail.com

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Special Warning:

Heart& Soul Healing, Kundalini Yoga and  Mindfulness Coaching are not a replacement for any standard medical treatment. You should see a medical doctor for any psychological or physical  problems.