To serve you as a compassionate and authentic partner.
To provide you rigor and on-going accountability to your development.
To find the best way to boost your inner potential.
To offer you honest and compassionate feedback and reflections.
To invite you to look at life from a broader perspective, beyond the limited ego.
To co-create with the help of meditation new neurological pathways for change.
To motivate you to dig as deep as possible into the world of the Self.
To educate you about the benefits of mindfulness.
To prepare tailormade mindfulness exercises to practice on your own after the coaching.
To share strategies to help overcome challenges to mindfulness practice.


- Less reactivity.
- Increased calm.
- Greater ease in your life.
- You have trouble being consistent in your practice.
- You doubt whether you're even capable of being mindful.
- When you try to meditate, you space out.
- Your mind is all over the place.
- You've lost that initial enthusiasm you had when you first got started.
- Create a clear vision for your practice.
- Identify hidden challenges.
- Relieve doubts.
- Tame your inner critic.
- Calm emotional reactivity.
- Rekindle your enthusiasm for work, love, and life!



This coaching will be highly tailored to you, rather than a predesigned series of exercises. The program will evolve as you do, and will be responsive to your circumstances as they change.


Exploratory conversation to see if it is what you are searching for. Initial interview conversation and assessment.
An agreed-upon process to organize session notes, resource files, action items and practices.
A plan for your ongoing growth and development after the conclusion of coaching.


Successful coaching relies on your genuine desire to change, and a coach’s balance of challenge and support.
I have a genuine desire to stretch and change.
I am willing to experiment with new ways to do things.
I am willing to ask for support when I need it.
I am disciplined about following through on commitments.
I am highly motivated, right now, by a big challenge or new opportunity.
I recognize I have blind spots, and know I need candid feedback from others.
I am willing to invest in this as a priority for at least six months.
It’s the right time for me to take a leap.

“I truly believe that with a commitment from both sides you can boost your inner potential and become the most loving version of your Self. I will help you see the inner grace, develop a compassionate vision and live fully from that sacred space of belonging.”« Sarabraj

Sarabraj is a Bachelor of marketing communication, specialized in human resource development, certified kundalini yoga and mindfulness teacher, Heart&Soul healer and author of a national best-selling book Vulnerable. Her ability to train focus, discipline and devotion was fully realized in her sports career as a national beach volleyball champion and member of the national volleyball team. “The life I have experienced so far is full and very rich. I went from a top athlete to a manager and then to yoga teacher and traveller. Walking the Camino de Santiago helped me train mindfulness more than any other schooling could. Despite the fact I’m always interested in the knowledge that the world of the mind produces, today I abide mostly to the knowing of life itself. Being connected to the Self gives me all the answers I need for a successful life here on earth. Sharing the knowledge of this loving space as a coach and teacher is my Dharma.”

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Special Warning:

Heart& Soul Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Awareness Acceleration coaching are not a replacement for any standard medical treatment. You should see a medical doctor for any psychological or physical  problems.