The price of six timeless sound healings is 55 euros (VAT excluded).


"I experience healing differently every time. Deeper. Like the book Vulnerable, it takes me back to the still undiscovered dimensions of the Spirit, which we so easily forget. Listening, which embraces the Soul in love." Soraya


Given that it is a deep sound offering a multidimensional cellular, mental and spiritual healing to wholeness, I invite you to prepare mindfully before listening.

Find a safe, comfortable space, sitting or lying down, where you can listen to the audio recordings with headphones. It’s important to avoid all distractions, so it’s best to put away or even turn off your phone and other not needed devices.
Wear clothes made of natural materials, which you can wash after listening, because it’s possible that many patterns, emotions and mental projections will be released during the sound healing itself. Wash those clothes as soon as possible after listening.

Before listening to each of the six treatments, I advise you to ask the Spirit (the Higher Self, Consciousness) to guide you.

Give yourself enough time between treatments and respect the process. We cannot suggest this time for you in advance, but listen to your inner voice and feel how much sound healing is enough for you in any one session. It’s not unusual to take a relatively long break between sessions in order to integrate what you have remembered, embodied and healed. It’s also quite normal if you understand the sounds completely differently at different times.

After listening, drink plenty of water and be extra gentle with yourself.

Make listening to the sound healing a special, sacred ritual. Prepare the room so you feel comfortable, and perhaps light a candle, some incense or even a fire if you have a fireplace. Dedicate a flower or some other token of gratitude as a thank you to the Spirit.