Mindfulness coaching helps you awaken into your Soul potential that takes place in a warm and loving present moment with Sarabraj.

" Many have asked me how this form of coaching arised and if i learned it at some of very expensive coach trainings abroad.  I tend to gracefuly laugh to it because people caught up into thinking don’t remember that one of the most beautiful aspects of getting back into the heart, consequently into our natural compassion and grace, is the endless connection to the universal library of infinite potential.
When we are present and anchored in the moment we  have the blessing to observe how can painful experiences awaken our  inner power without limits. When we pass this life exames and manage to keep us into the vibration of the heart, stay human and authentically present the infinite confirmation of our magnificence firmly position us in the world and the universe of limitless potential. 
Despite i've learned valuable informations as a public relationship manager in a media house, as a journalist, as president of the project Gazela, national award for Small and Medium Fast Growing Companies and befor as a national beachvolleyball champion, i've realized than just when we allow Life to happen in the moment and overcome the need to achive, Flow can bring us Infinite potential, Deep and Everlasting Success and Happiness  "

Training of presentness
Expanding of creativity potentials
Finding of Self-empowerment prospective
Spreading once awearness
Becoming more self-reliant
Gaining more life satisfaction
Contributing more effectively to your family and community dynamics
Taking greater responsibility and accountability for once actions and commitments
Work more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers)
Communicate more effectively
Generate improvements in individual's performance
Increase openness to personal growth
Developing of specific skills
Internalizing a Mindful approach to life
Life style and behavioural change
Nurtering grace, kindness, joy
Mirror technique - others carry important inside view messages

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Special Warning:

Heart& Soul Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness coaching are not a replacement for any standard medical treatment. You should see a medical doctor for any psychological or physical  problems.