After losing her brother, mother and father, Sarabraj decided to go on the Camino de Santiago on her own. The loss of her closest family triggered a turning point in her life, bringing on a gradual process of maturing into a spiritually aware adult. She highlights the incredible insights that she acquired on this amazing journey: “Camino gave me a unique opportunity to bring to light the most hidden parts of my heart and to comfort the most unsettled parts of my mind. Step after step and with a strong desire to lose my mind’s armour, my pain was finally able to express itself fully. In doing so it freed my mind and body from suffering through the tunnel of vulnerability and helped me to claim back my soft, compassionate, powerful and graceful true self.”

The author suffered the unspeakable loss feeling as though pieces of her heart left with each one of them in search of Heaven. To deepen the connection with the world of the heart her soul decided to send her to walk alone the Spanish Camino de Santiago. As she travelled the long and weary road her grieving mind began to unwind, spreading wide open the doors to heartful Oneness. It is an authentic testament to a strong woman who overcame a horrific tragedy and rose above it like a phoenix, reconnected with the soul, strongly grounded and unconditionally flowing with the forces of life. This book creates a strong energy vortex to motivate you in the pursuit of your own journey that needs to be completed. It will give the courage needed to break the chains that are keeping you from living your life’s purpose, and to free yourself at the very core of your being.