When I read Sarabraj’s book, I think of Wild written by the American author Cheryl Strayed. Both women had to lose their family before finding themselves. In a moment of powerlessness, they set out on a journey. Cheryl hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, while our Slovenian Sarabraj decided to complete the Camino pilgrimage. Both walked alone. The American author, recognised her Wild Nature, while our Slovenian author, her powerful Vulnerability.
Urša Krišelj Grubar, journalist and author

Thank you for your understandings and thank you for helping me see my Camino from an aspect that has previously been enveloped in greyness – the fog of the Pyrenees. You explain so much wisdom in such a simple way. God gave flowers their fragrance, birds their singing abilities – humans were granted the mind –and you gave us this invaluable book.
Ivan Gričnik, author

It is my pleasure to share with potential readers a humble review of the book Vulnerable, one that reveals to us as openly as possible a deeply authentic and personal journey towards the Self. The book's story takes place on the Spanish Camino de Santiago, lovingly pushing the reader to dig as deep as possible on the path of self-inquiry. It is not only a pilgrimage but a real beacon of light towards the Soul, Self or Atman. Every chapter can stand alone, but together they drive the reader from the first steps to the very last breath, as if he or she were the one walking those steps. What amazed me the most is the authenticity of the written words that brought forth deep memories in me, even from previous lives. The recognition of the vibrational simplicity and simultaneously the complexity of the message that the author is trying to convey to us can bring up the urge to attempt to walk the Camino ourselves one day, in order to experience it and obtain the gifts of awareness of the deepest 'Me'. An urge to be embraced by the effortless, bright love and power of the neutral mind that can be revealed in such special circumstances.

Ed Bruins, yoga teacher

FACEBOOK experience:

“Thank you for writing this amazing book. It will give to the readers the opportunity to work through their inner pains much more easily than they could alone. It will encourage them to follow their true path no matter how crazy it might seem. While reading it, I went on an inner journey myself, coming to a conclusion that we all walk very similar paths with just slightly different landscapes. A book that is really worth reading.”

“The book reminded me that life is one endless stream of love. And showed me how important it is to stay healthy, present and in peace even when full of pain. While reading it, I felt this strong urge to express my inner creativity and express it to life now. The book Vulnerable brought in my heart a new wave of love and kindness to others, and took away the heavy weight of the past and the negative energy of others that was pulling me down with guilt and shame. In this touching and honest story I met myself, and returned to my deepest core self. In peace, knowing that I was not the only one whose path was paved with the suffocating burden of caring too much for others. And it comforted me that I'm not the only one who had chosen to love life instead of pain, committing to live this life fully and not only survive it, as it was mentioned in this loving book. It is not only a story about the Camino but much so more. It is a Camino into the hidden corners of the soul, beyond the limited mind and ego, to the brave and clean heart saturated with love. It is a journey from doing into the being. From a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.”

“This fantastic book came on my path after losing loved ones. A friend gave it to me after she was overwhelmed by its content. Reading it changed me in ways that I will comprehend only in time. There is so much comfort and love toward the vulnerable parts we all carry that it could be read as a compassionate and healing set of therapies. On the other hand it gets incredibly profound in the second part of its narrative. It is like the first part was written to get to our human vulnerability, only to shine all the love from God into it in the second. To help us stay open and loving and so be able to receive. I'm so grateful that I’ve already read it three times and every time it gives me so much. I hope that the English version will have the same effect as the original Slovene one, because the message really deserves to be heard, as does the author. Open, flowing, honest and incredible powerful. Just a mirror, a vital step on my path of self-empowerment.”

“This book was for me one big wow. I mean, wow. At the beginning it made me cry like a baby, then it made me laugh, then sweat and swear. I went on a journey with her, an inner one. And was so pleased I trusted her. It really felt like the book is alive. The energy of it is so pure that you can feel it. And the part I give the author the most thanks for is that she kept it as simple as possible. No philosophy about pain, but raw, simple descriptions of how it feels, how it is to stay in it and what kind of wonders you can see once to courageously do so. She is giving us the much searched for key to eternal peace. If only you will have the guts to walk this vulnerable walk of love with her.”

“I have already read the book many times now. The last one during this corona crisis. When the world stopped. The author's world stopped many years before that and she portrays like a painter all the diversity of emotions that one can feel when everything you know is being taken away. But it also shows us the way out of the unknown. By staying still, listening, observing and allowing life to show us the true way. The simplicity of her words is such a blessing and the profundity of her energy recognised at once in the heart. I managed to get there and am so grateful that the author is still alive and I can contact her. What a privilege. Most of the messengers of love I have read so far have already returned to the light.«

“Dear Sarabraj, I'm reading your book in times of deep transformation, jumping into the unknown knowing it is the only path to take. After 13 years I decided to leave the system that was killing my soul, my life and my loved ones. I don't know how this life will unfold for me, but this book is just what I needed now to give me support, hope, courage, strength and love. It is interesting to observe how I have courage to immerse myself in some parts, cry and purify my pains, and how I don't dare to go into the others. But I know I will, and that I will read your book many more times. Thank you for your light, flow and energy. Thank you for brining much needed light and love!”

“The book Vulnerable is a wonderful personal testament in which the author, Sarabraj Tjaši, is exposed to the very end in all her vulnerabilities. Although the Camino experience is the background the book is not a diary, as the narrative follows its own steady rhythm with its internal happenings. She is never boring, never preaches, she always remains within herself and her personal growth. It's inspiring. It is both a story and a workbook, but in balance, so that you can read it in one way or another and, above all, it is very different to other personal growth workbooks. For it is readable and very interesting, written with ease, as though the words flow without stopping. But I saved the main praise for the end. The language in which it is written is rich, convincing and beautiful. Sarabraj is a master of beautiful words and deep thinking. Even though English is not her mother language a compassionate native speaking reader can see that enormous effort been put into it.”

“Sat Chit Anada. This book is in a way so simple and humble that I'm afraid it might be missed by many searchers of the deepest in the complexity of words. The humbleness of the author is so present and I feel such an urge to scream from the mountains about the authenticity of her message and brilliance of the simple story she has chosen to tell. She reminds me of Ramana Maharshi's simplicity in knowing. But she differs from him in choosing her personal story to serve as a way out towards the light. In one of her satsangs I attended she explained that her Dharma is to connect the world above as below and reflect self-realization into the separated world. To address from oneness the worlds of separation with profound love for pain, suffering and trauma. And with experiencing oneness in the human body and then shining it to others. Her personality is also very interesting. On the one hand, you see this profound light coming out of her eyes, on the other the innocence of a child and on the other the power of a wild woman. So much to see in one body. For me she is the master I was searching for a long time, despite the fact she is fighting fiercely to deny that. Her position on gurus is very clear and she doesn't accept any form of separation. Whether it belongs in the material world between the rich and poor or on the spiritual plain between the “enlightened” and others. She firmly believes that you can be released into oneness only when you fully realize that you come from it. How amazing is that?“