A 2 week journey into Self Leadership

Sarabraj and Lucie are offering a 2 week deep dive into Self awareness, Selfleadership, Selfcompassion. No longer putting a positivity layer on those parts of us that are suffering, no longer

pushing away those parts of us that need attention. We are exploring connection with Self, that in us that is Divine. That in us that is truly connected with all of life.

Sarabraj is a passionate teacher with many years of experience in the limitless world of the Self and
its manifestation into the body and mind. She has had her fair share of life experiences and belongs to the new stream of mentors into the Self that promote the powerful union of »as above so below«.

With that is meant that her knowing of awareness can be translated into a very practical way to make
one's life more joyful, complete and above all authentic. She is a Kundalini & Mindfulness teacher

and coach, Heart & Soul healer and author of a bestseller book »Vulnerable«.

Lucie has been intensely studying and sharing the many facets of Being Human through massage,
yoga, meditation, diverse modalities of movement education, trauma healing, coaching, inquiry, family constellations, cold training, breath-work and Internal Family Systems. Her main focus now is teaching and sharing Self Leadership through Somatic (embodied) Internal Family Systems in private sessions and group work.

Through Satsang (inquiry into truth), Internal Family Systems (see below), movement and creativity
we will be embarking upon the adventure of a lifetime; exploring who we are. Releasing our parts

from their burdens of beliefs about who and what we are and giving ever more space for Selfleadership.

The movement from responsibility to the ability to respond.

We are delighted to invite you to join us. We will be teaching in dutch and english (with translation).

Internal Family Systems honours that the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing! Our
inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to allow us to become integrated

and whole. In IFS all our parts are welcome. IFS is a new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonising the mind and, thereby, larger human systems. One that can help people heal and helps the world become a more compassionate place.

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What is the Soul or Atman? How does one's life look like from the perspective of the Soul? What is the correlation between the Mind and the Soul? And where to place suffering? Giving the fact we are afraid of pain and run our whole life from it do we know the anatomy of pain in the first place? Big questions that are confusing, so many of us today in the world that forgot the majestic reality of consciousness; the birthplace of our Soul and a reality that goes beyond the experiences of the limited Mind and body.

Ed and Sarabraj are both passionate teachers with many years of discovering the unlimitless world of the Soul and its manifestation into the body and mind. They have their fair share of life experiences and belong to the new stream of mentors into the Soul that promote the powerful union of as above so below. With that is meant that their knowing of awareness can be translated into a very practical way to make one's life more joyful, complete and above all authentic.



Discovering the 'frightening' world of suffering and pain is something many would avoid at any cost, but it is by owning this part of our reality that we can boost our inner power in the infinite. Are emotions really that scary? How many times, are we really present in them and see them for good? What do we do to run away from them? How many defence mechanisms of the mind we use to protect us from them? How much energy there is involved in this process? How does this resistance influence the creative flow? Do we know the world of trauma and its effects on the mind and body? 

On this session will help you observing the »mistical« or better denied world of emotions and thoughts that generates them. Will try to comprehend that emotions and body sensations are in reality only perceptions and if we change those the whole internal dynamic can shift. We will create enough safety for you to be able to see, hear and embrace the so feared sensationally unpleasant emotions.



Once we have a powerful insight into the thoughts matrix that generates our inner emotional mapping will be ready to go further. What are we if we are not only the thoughts, emotions, perceptions, fears, thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow? What AM I? Beyond the word I that confines us into the ego. What happens if we remove the I from the equation and we allow the beingness? Will we collapse? Or will only the illusion retreat into its source and will be ready to co-create with life?



In this module will play. Are you aware how powerful it is in the world of healing our hearts the vibration of play and loving connection? Will chant from an open heart and give space to our inner divine child. It will be a day full of wonder and above all love. Will co-create a space where you can Be whatever you were meant to be in this reality and we can hardly wait to see your unique sparkle. The world is waiting for it!


55 eur per module, you can attend freely one, two or preferible 3 modules. All 3 together will push you as deep as you are ready to go opening your heart towards a thriving life you are meant to have.

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Ed Bruins - Hatha master, Raja docent en Mindfulness coach


Yoga (verbinding) ontstaat als degene die ervaart samen valt met de ervaring zelf. Aan het prille begin van m’n ont-dekkingsreis kon ik wel aanvoelen dat dit zo was maar; hoe ga ik dat ervaren? Dat was de vraag. In de opleiding die ik ontvangen mocht kwamen heel veel puzzelstukjes op z’n plek. Hart en hoofd kregen hun rechtmatige plaats. Samen werden ze meer dan twee aparte delen. Ik had het geluk om les te ontvangen van een zeer gepassioneerd leraar, en daar zeven jaar te kunnen doorleren. Verder begreep ik dat dit het doel van m’n leven was: beoefenen en doorgeven van Yoga om uit te komen bij wat niet gemist kan worden; m’n Zelf. Door de tijd heen is de vorm van lesgeven weliswaar veranderd, maar bleef de kern, dat waar Yoga voor geschapen is, intact. Yoga staat niet voor een bepaalde oefenwijze maar voor de oorspronkelijke betekenis, namelijk ‘ het in verbinding zijn met wat Is’.  D.m.v. ont-spanning en ‘Zijn’  i.p.v. doen, worden we meer waarnemer in plaats van doener. Zo zetten we de ware kracht van Aandacht en Liefde in, die in ons gevoels-bewustzijn tot een diepe bewuste ont-spanning leidt en vandaar tot aan ons Zelf reikt. Dit is van waaruit ik les geef. Dit doen zonder te doen is het doel zonder dat we een doel hebben.

Ed Bruins


Sarabraj - Certified Kundalini yoga teacher, Heart & Soul practitioner, Mindfulness coach and bestselling author from sLOVEnia.

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